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January 11, 2021
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March 11, 2021

We understand that sometimes there’s just too much pressure to pay attention to expensive or less pocket friendly gifts as opposed to thoughtful and practical ones.

Practical and fun valentine gifts worth sharing

We are no experts at gifting or has anyone on our team worked or owned a gifting company, but have all received gift(s) at one point or the other. Which is why we had fun curating this list of valentine gift ideas we find thoughtful.
We hope you find at least 1or 2 worth gifting your loved ones.

Ekolaundry gift card

On average, an adult spends close to 2 to 5 hours on a weekend doing laundry. That’s the same amount of time it would take to plan a surprise date for your partner, go paintballing, travel to Ibadan and climb the top of the cocoa house just to yell how much you love your partner or binge watch a season of Friends.
Gift you or your loved ones, any of our Valentine laundry plans and get those weekend laundry hours back.

Smiley Socks

When we think of socks, we think of comfort, protection and warmth, nothing says this better than a pair of smiley socks. Gift your loved ones a pair of this goodies! and have them think of you with a smile anytime they wear them.

Wii Create Branded Merch

WiiCreate did a thing by creating Merch-box A.K.A Starter-pack that companies with great work culture send their New employees during onboarding.
Here is a thought wii couldn’t shake, its not a bad use case to send Merch-boxes to loved ones as well, because i mean…duh! who doesn’t love great quality merch and customized item(s).

Sure Gift Voucher

Have you been saving up and wondering what to gift your lover, colleague, family or friends this Valentine? No need thinking too hard when you’ve got Sure gift.
Leave the boxers, singlets and cake presents behind and give those you care about a wider range of gifts to choose from.
One of the best things about these gift cards is the power of choice with the sender and the recipient.

If you are like me, and often get overwhelmed by having too many options to choose from then gather here for this one, because suregift cards is your plug.
Sending a suregift card is more than thoughtful, it saves you the struggle of finding a gift and gives your loved one the opportunity to use it as they please in over 500 stores in Nigeria.

Serah Kassim dress

Go the extra mile this Valentine by gifting your partners or loved ones any of Serah Kassim’s Afrocentric unique, handmade, quality signature dresses. Be the reason they Own any room they walk in with jaw dropping styles made to fit from as low as 10,000 naira.
Checkout the Serah Kassim Store to buy a piece.

Meal tab with Bernadines Cafe & Bistro

If your partner or loved one’s seem more appreciative of meals, then Bernadines Cafe & Bistro has the most romantic and yummy meals for you and your loved ones this valentine.
With as low as 5000 naira, you can open a meal tab for your partner or loved ones, and they can get any combination of a plate of spaghetti, shawarma and milkshake or anything else on the menu.
And Yes! you can send as anon…if you know what I mean

SoFresh love basket

Sofresh sure knows how to add the sexy to mouth watering fruits and healthy meals for sure.
This Valentine, they introduced their Love basket, a healthy plate offering for you and your loved ones this season. Let them enjoy the sweet mix of freshly made, heart friendly salad and smoothie, fresh exotic fruits, and deliciously satisfying Parfait.

Personalized Journal

Journals are cool and useful but Littart african print covered journals are wayyyyyyy too cool. From the detailed thoughtful packaging to the personal notes and customized Adire, Batik or Aso Oke covers, Littart journals brings a fun and personal touch to you and your loved ones journaling experience. Surprise your loved ones with one of this this valentine

Spa date at Oriki

Oriki + your body is definitely a match made in heaven.
Treat you and/or your loved ones to a spa session guaranteed to release tension and send your body on a journey of comfort, relieve and rejuvenated.

Nineteenth Shoes

You can tell a Man’s sense of taste from his shoes every time, and the wrong shoes can make a trendy nice outfit look wacky or just unfairly boring.
Coup a pair of Hand-made shoes from Nineteenth shoes store for your loved one and see their face light up endlessly.
From boots, loafers, Bikkens, Monkstrapps to custom design… Ninenteenth shoes is your African plug to have your shoe game on point.

Arami Skincare products

No cap….. but Arami has the most amazing skin care products for Nigerians and Africans. This brand has also consistently delivered quality beauty essentials over the years. Order for any one of these beauty essentials and watch your skin glow.

Gourmettwist Banana Bread

Assorted Banana bread
NGN 5700 Above

Gourmettwist makes the best banana bread in Lagos, if you don’t agree with us, please send us your opinion and maybe we can change our stance but for now lets focus on these beauties.
Buy your loved one or a box of Mini Banana bread with different flavors to sweeten their pallet this season.

Glasses from Mint Eyewear

Mint Eyewear makes it easy to find quality eyeglasses and prescription glasses online. With hundreds of glasses, 24-48 hours delivery, and frames starting at just N4500 — think of them as the one-stop shop for all your eyewear needs.
Gift your loved ones any of these Mint Eyewear glasses. There is a frame or glass for everyone at their online store.

Chokolatte Beauty Headbands

Wow, Wow, Wow…… *inserts something about ambulance*.

Have you met Chokolatte beauty? a Lagos based modern luxe hair accessory brand, created for stylish and sophisticated women.
Please!!! only cop a piece of this beaut if you fancy your loved ones accessories standing out.

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